Unlocking value : Driving growth
We combine design innovation, technology, data science and finance to help SME's and charitable organisations unlock value and drive efficiency, effectiveness and growth
Design-led Innovation
We combine systems and design thinking to bring ideas to life and derive stakeholder-led digital solutions to solve commercial and social challenges

Concept co-creation

We bring together a wide range of internal and external stakeholders in facilitated design workshops to discover needs, wants, goals and aspirations, map systems, articulate problems and identify opportunities for change

Digital design

We leverage digital technologies to ideate, prototype and test hypotheses, facilitate change and resolve challenges whilst minimising negative effects

Our services:

  • Concept and proposition design
  • Stakeholder research
  • Systems mapping
  • Prototyping and testing
Digital Solutions
We turn valid and viable propositions into digital products; dashboards, platforms, tools and apps

Our services:

  • Full stack digital product development
Data-driven Science
We bring data to life, make it useful and put it to work

Data Analysis

We use data science to analyse datasets and identify, confirm or negate interactions between variables, and predict key trends, associations and insights


We make data accessible by presenting information clearly using data visualisation methods and styles that best serve user and stakeholder needs


We visualise geo-spatial data using adaptive and interactive maps, charts and graphs to allow geographic trends and insights to emerge

Our services:

  • Data analysis
  • Analytics and web visualisation
  • Digital mapping
Commercial Advisory
We believe the best decisions are made using the best available information. Our experience across CFO, COO and acting CEO roles enables us to deliver empathetic data-driven solutions to provide management information and drive growth strategies


We design and integrate business models into new or existing structures to achieve financial sustainability, efficiency and effectiveness, supported by persuasive business cases, robust financial models and sensitivity analysis to fully appreciate risk, reward and impact

Our services:

  • Finance Director services
  • Operational advisory services
  • Business case development
  • Commercial, financial and operational modelling
Our Team
We are an entrepreneurial and creative team of business professionals, scientists and technologists with experience across business, finance, data science, international development, design-led innovation and digital product development
Matt Halstead
Managing Director
Matt loves helping organisations achieve their potential.

He has twelve years' experience managing organisations of up to 50 staff in London and the Niger Delta (Nigeria) as CFO, COO and acting-CEO.

He has interdisciplinary experience across a range of sectors and services including international development, NGOs & charities, tech-for-good, residential & commercial real estate and corporate finance.

This cross-sector experience taught him skills to support a wide range of organisations and management teams; restructuring & change management, financial planning & analysis, commercial advisory, due diligence & investment valuation, financial & economic modelling, sensitivity & scenario analysis, programme oversight, quantitative & qualitative research, data analysis, reporting writing and digital product design, development & delivery.

  • Chartered Accountant (ICAS)
  • MSc Chemistry & Molecular Physics (University of Nottingham)
  • Currently undertaking a part-time PhD in Quantum Chemistry (University of Nottingham)
  • Inspiring Financial Leadership (Charity Finance Group & Cass Business School)
Antony Milne
Data Scientist
Antony loves data.

He holds an Associate Lectureship in the Department of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics at Birkbeck, University of London.

He completed a PhD studying the geometric visualisation of quantum states and then worked as a Research Associate in data science for the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London.

His work covers a range of theoretical and applied topics across quantum physics, machine learning and data science.

He has particular experience analysing social and medical data, with current research interests focussing on the use of machine learning to automatically detect signs of Parkinson's disease from keyboard typing data.

  • BA, MSci Experimental & Theoretical Physics (University of Cambridge)
  • MRes Controlled Quantum Dynamics (Imperial College London)
  • PhD in Mathematical Physics (Imperial College London)
Rory Hodgson
GIS Developer & Digital Mapping
    Rory loves making geographical data accessible.

    He has fifteen years' experience as a full stack developer specialising in geographic information systems, spatial data science, digital product design, development and project management. He has planned, designed and delivered global digital media and GIS mapping projects for companies and NGOs.

    As a GIS mapping specialist he develops static and interactive maps to interpret and visualise remote sensed satellite and geospatial data. He generates big data insights and analysis using centralised and crowd-sourced data methodologies, projections and spatial databases.

    As a full stack web developer, project manager and systems trainer he enjoys integrating user-experience, agile prototyping and data-driven analytics into digital solutions to bring data to life and let it speak for itself.

    • BA Communications & Cultural Studies (University of West England)
    • MSc Geographic Information Science & Cartography (Birkbeck, University of London)
      James Shrager
      Product Strategist & Software Engineer
      James loves turning ideas into viable concepts and bringing them to life.

      He has eleven years' experience across proposition and product development, software engineering and finance.

      He has designed, built and launched several high growth digital products across multiple sectors; gaming, financial services, publishing and social networking, and successfully exited from two of those products with one achieving over 15 million downloads worldwide.

      He combines strategic thinking, technical knowledge and creativity to identify, define and launch impactful new propositions and loves driving innovation, growth and value at the early stages of a business.

      • Chartered Accountant (ICAEW)
      • BSc Economics (University of Nottingham)
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